Machine tool manufacturing industry in our country environment benefit from the national rejuvenation


From China machine tool industry competition analysis and development trend of the research report to understand China's machine tool market with a high speed at least eight consecutive years, so if according to the law of industry thriving said, then entered the downward market more likely, but this crisis is year after year, hovering in the heart of machine tool manufacturing industry leader. The mission of the present, no doubt, is to seize the moment, speed up the pace of enterprise strength shift up.
  In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry benefit from national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry environment has made remarkable progress, the modern machine tool manufacturing technology level of the leading CNC machine tool industry. The levels of nc machine tools, the varieties and production capacity reflects the state of technical and economic comprehensive national strength. Nc machine tool as the national defense strategy of equipment, is the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, is the important guarantee of national defense equipment modernization.
  In auto mould, for example, domestic auto mould industry is developing very rapidly, auto mould manufacturing enterprise are already have considerable size and number. The personage inside course of study analysis, mold production is still in low-level redundant construction, there is a great gap high-end mould products. And with the domestic auto industry continued to high-end development, has higher requirement for the mould, and the current development of China's high-end mold design and manufacturing capabilities, is far from fully meet the needs of China's automobile industry, high-end mould still needs a large number of imports. To solve the problem of high-end mold imports, will raise the level of mold manufacturing in China in the first place. And improve the level of mold manufacturing in our country must starting from the development and manufacture of some high-end mold.
  Experts said that restrict the root cause of the mould manufacturing technology, is the high-end multi-axis linkage CNC machine processing mould. To continue efforts to develop with high speed, composite, intelligent, environmental protection, and other functions of high-end multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools, can promote progress towards the high-end domestic automobile mould industry.
A high performance spindle system is one of the core features of high-grade CNC machine tool, machining accuracy of machine tool processing efficiency and has extremely important impact. With the need of high-speed precision machining technology and the progress of machine tool technology, the machine has higher requirement on the properties of the spindle, and to the high speed/ultra-high speed, large power, large torque, high precision, high rigidity, high reliability, long life and precise positioning control overall trend of the development direction. Different processing areas of the motorized spindle performance requirements vary, the mould processing areas as well as aerospace, automotive, Marine and other precision machinery to the precision of motorized spindle, high speed and rigidity requirements. To develop suitable for the field of precision motorized spindle, such as silicon nitride, zirconia ceramic materials applied to electrical spindle main parts, make full use of ceramic materials of excellent properties, reducing spindle unit high speed rotating centrifugal force and inertia force, improve the speed of the spindle system, stiffness, precision and service life of purpose, in order to meet the requirements for high speed spindle system and the characteristics of the motors.
  The revitalization of nc machine tool industry has a certain difficulty for machine tool industry. According to expert introduction, development of nc machine tools required for digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing, is the key to realize independent innovation. Therefore, for the industry, the revitalization of nc machine tool industry is a strategic opportunity, and severe challenges.

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