Low level of machine tool industry structure of "high-end, low-end free-for-all


 Yesterday, in the 14th China international machine tool exhibition press conference, China machine tool association director, confined to run 2014 machine tools industry, further increasing downward pressure, last year was the worst of the industry for more than a decade. Figures show that only in December 2014, industry-wide losses of enterprises accounted for 31.9%, among them, the metal-cutting machine tool is as high as 42.7%. Machine tool industry structure level is low, "high-end, low-end infighting," is the main reason of the enterprise's losses.
Data show that the machine tool industry as a whole is not optimistic, China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general  Ronald chan for example, said in February 1, 2014, industry-wide losses of the enterprise is as high as 50%, and metal processing machine tool enterprises loss of more than 56%. Last year, a group of machine tool enterprises declared bankruptcy, percentage of loss-incurring enterprises gradually expand.
Ronald chan to further explain, because the technology co., LTD., high-end machine tools mainly rely on imports, and low-end machine excess capacity, high inventory, profit space is small. And homogeneity in the industry competition is severe, low-end market appear even vicious price competition, some enterprises using the below cost such as unfair competition means to gain market share.
 Machine tool industry in 2014 in the "new normal", one important aspect of the performance for lower speed will remain a period, industry development characteristics will also shift to high quality and high benefit from high speed. The personage inside course of study analysis, the tough market situation will become the biggest addition to the reversed transmission industry transition. Is one of the trend of the development of the machine tool enterprises in recent years abroad on the basis of high-end leading to keep and extends downward, in terms of the domestic market, in the low end of the machine tool tend to be saturated, under the tide of robbing the mid-market will become the path to the development of the machine tool industry.
 Machine tool industry exports rose 22.1% last year, exports totaled $11.63 billion, a slight increase compared with 2013. On industry operation in 2014 concluded that judgment, industry main body is still not out of the downward interval, but less steeply. Downward pressure is expected to 2015 machine tools industry, the domestic machine tool sales is expected to be flat with 2014, adjust the industrial structure, expand the high-end product line is enterprise development the important topic of this year.

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